Harry D. Boul

Harry Boul has been practicing bankruptcy law in Columbia, Missouri for over 40 years, and has handled thousands of cases. He was listed in the top 5% of Bankruptcy lawyers of Missouri and Kansas in Super Lawyers for 2011, a Thompson Reuters Service , having been selected by peer review through an extensive nomination and polling process.

Types of Bankruptcy

Chapter 7

Consumer Bankruptcy

Get a fresh start by cancelling debts and unwanted contracts. Creditors are forbidden by law to attempt to collect debts that have been discharged. (Note: Not all debts are dischargeable.)

Chapter 13

Consumer Bankruptcy

Pay a single monthly payment to a trustee, usually as much as you can afford, for 3 to 5 years. At the end, dischargeable debts not paid are cancelled, except long term real estate loans you wish to keep paying.

Chapter 11

Business Reorganization Bankruptcy

Restructure debts and cancel unwanted contracts. This chapter is more flexible and complex than Chapter 13. Loans can be rewritten over more than 5 years.

Chapter 12

Farmers Reorganization Bankruptcy

Restructuring similar to chapter 11, but designed spefically to meet the needs of farmers and fishermen.

Certifications, Memberships and Accolades

Top Ten Bankruptcy Mistakes

1.  BANKRUPTCY RUINS YOUR CREDIT. Actually, if you cannot satisfy your creditors, your credit is either bad or about to become bad. Bankruptcy doesn’t make it worse; it puts a stop to that unending Read More